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        Paper machine upgrade


        Paper upgrading, paper machine capacity increased

        The papermaking market has been developing rapidly, and some paper category have encountered ...

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        Fourdrinier to multi-layer , top former, cylinder to fourdrinier

        Dekelon provides comprehensive forming part application technology, suitable for various ...

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        EPC integration project upgrading and renovation

        Dekelon provides the transformation and upgrading of the EPC integration project...

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        Upgrading of pulping process

        Dekelon provides a wide range of technical solutions for the process and equipment for upgrading of pulp and paper mills,...

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        Shoe press improvement

        The shoe press is used on high-speed paper machines to increase the dryness of the paper web in the press section and improve the ...

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        Renovation of closed gas hood

        In the papermaking process, the energy consumption of the drying section accounts for about 60% of the entire process. ...

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        Automation renovation (DCS, QCS, GCS, MCS)

        Automation solutions cover everything from single measuring equipment to turnkey ...

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        Rewinding machine transformation

        Low-speed rewinders have low production efficiency and can no longer meet the needs of increasingly modern production ...

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        Vacuum system renovation(water ring vacuum pump to turbine vacuum pump)

        The advantages of different structural forms of turbo-type vacuum ...

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        Renovation of sizing machine, renovation of film transfer, renovation of automatic glue boiling syst

        High speed, energy saving, and ...

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