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        Welcome To Dekelon Paper Making Machinery Co.,Ltd
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        How is the quality of your machine?

        Dekelon is a mature brand in China with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing different paper machines. We hav......

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        Will your company provide technical services abroad?

        (1) We will send engineers to your place to design and install for you;(2) After the installation is completed, engineer will......

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        What should I do if I make an enquiry?

        (1) What raw material will you use (the most important) (2) The production capacity to produce per day (most important)......

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        What raw materials can be used for paper making?

        What are the raw materials that can be used to make paper? There are actually many raw materials for paper making, such as wood, ......

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        What kind of paper machine does your factory produce?

        Our factory mainly produces the following types of equipment: 1. Kraft paper machine, can produce carton paper, corrugated paper, ......

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